ZEDpod : Turn a parking lots into sustainable housing


As more and more of the world’s population is concentrated in cities, land area in crowded municipalities becomes an increasingly scarce commodity. Even with limited space and increasing land costs, parking areas are not only a necessity, but one of which there is almost never enough. What if, these lots could exist both as parking space and living space simultaneously?

British architecture firm ZED designed an ingenious solution: Small, easily installed houses aimed at young professionals, supported on stilts above existing parking lots.

The ZED pod is designed to incorporate a variety of green and sustainably technologies: Solar panels, heat recovery ventilation systems, a composting toilet, and grey water recycling. The firm also mentions that unused energy resulting from the installed solar panels can be used to charge electric vehicles


 Although ZED have yet to confirm the pods’ designed floor area, the home is small enough that it can reportedly be put in place within a week, and could even be moved to another location if the need arose. In any case, the two story building is equipped with a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and office area, and a lounge/dining space. The accommodation is estimated to cost the equivalent of roughly USD $86,000.

 Oxford council is reportedly considering a pilot scheme for their city.

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