A new white paper published by Solidiance, a management consultancy firm focused onAsia, assessed the top 10 Global Cities with regards to green building performance. The findings of the research found that Hong Kong ranked in 6th position for its green building performance among other five Asian cities assessed.

Total no of building

According to the report, Hong Kong has the highest number in terms of the total number of buildings (high-rise and skyscrapers) than any other global city in the rank, with a staggering figure of 7,956 buildings. However, when it comes to the number of green buildings projects, the city fell short and ranked 5th with only 287 green building projects. In addition, Hong Kong is one of three Global Cities which has adopted its own local green rating tool in the 1990s, resulting in more ‘locally certified’ green built stock (222 HKBEAM certified buildings) than internationally certified ones (65 LEED certified buildings).

Cities emit relatively high levels of CO2 into the environment. A city with low carbon intensity would mean that it is able to produce each unit of output with less CO2 emissions. Paris and Sydney remain undefeated as they also top the scale for carbon intensity of their building stock. Whereas, Singapore and Hong Kong that were in the top 5 for both CO2 emissions from buildings and CO2 emissions per capita, now find themselves ranked just before Shanghai and Beijing.

In response to turn the climate change and energy efficiency problem around, green buildings target has been formulated for the next five years also in relations with the global pledges initiated by WorldGBC in the COP 21 Buildings Day last year. The commitment to support the dialogue platform on the recent “Energy Saving Plan for Hong Kong’s Built environment 2015~2025+” and several solutions to achieve carbon reduction target has been signed by the council and the various stakeholders.

CIC_ZCB1Zero Carbon Building Hong Kong 
(Source : www.skyscrapercity.com)

Opened in 2012, The ZCB building is the first zero carbon building in Hong Kong and just one of the few zero carbon buildings in the world that accounts for carbon emissions during the operation stage, as well as the embodied carbon of the construction process and the major structural materials.

The building is fitted with more than 90 cutting-edge eco-friendly features, ranging from tapered and linear build design form, cross ventilation, high performance envelope, photovoltaic panels, High Volume Low Speed Ceiling (HVLS) , to underfloor displacement cooling, eco-material etc., ZCB’s first priority comes up with the energy conservation by passive design which plans to achieve 20% of energy savings in total.. As a signature project to showcase an eco-building design and technologies in Hong Kong, the Zero Carbon Building aims to raise the community awareness of sustainable living in Hong Kong.

The lack of green building policies comes up to be one of the challenges for Hong Kong’s green building development which can be related to the report, that shows Hong Kong lags behind its other Asian cities peers such as Singapore and Tokyo.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 22.57.05

The figure shows that the green buildings in Hong Kong will need to have significant progress with the support of Hong Kong’s government to formulate the set of green building policy.

There needs to be more financial incentives, such as the provision of the tax credits for green building investment and subsidy for upgrading the retrofits energy performance rather than just construction new green buildings.

Apart from mandatory and economic aspect, the government should have assigned more resources for green building research and development, and education for raising the awareness of green building development.


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