SINGAPORE : First People’s Association boathouse to achieve Green Mark Platinum

Passion Wave ; a recreational facility for outdoor and water enthusiasts set up by the People’s Association, is bringing outdoor fun and water activities closer to Singaporeans with hopes of enriching and promoting healthier lifestyles. The 4000sq.m facility is the 8th in Singapore.

Passion Wave at Marina Bay has garnered BCA’s Green Mark Platinum Award- the highest form of accolade under BCA’s series of building certifications. With teeming greenery and designed for an air of relaxed elegance, the facility is built with minimal intrusion of forestry.

Cultivate serenity through picturesque landscapes and views of the Marina Bay skyline from the Bay East Garden or if youd rather,go kayaking or dragon boating amidst gleaming skyscrappers at the Marina Reservoir.

Trees are conserved and relocated and a careful, planned selection of plants and shrubs were chosen to replace the biodiversity interception. With the integration of the boathouse into its surroundings , visitors can expect to be visually stimulated by the lush flora and fauna that has now become the habitat for nectar eating sunbirds, butterflies and squirrels.

Other features of this facility include the integration/construction of the following:

• Swale
As an environmentally sensitive alternative to storm sewers, a preliminary swale is constructed to not only redirect water away from sensitive areas, but also effectively remove suspended solids through filtration and sedimentation, thus improving water quality. Local wild grass and flower species could be planted alongside the swale to continue welcoming a variation of life.

• Green Roof
Transforming grainy, bare monotonouse concrete surfaces into green vegetated roof systems creates relief and a natural vie. Green roofs absorbs, evaporate, infiltrate rainwater as well as reduces heat transfer, thus expanding the usefullness of the building.

• Rain water Harvesting and Water Savings
The conceptualization of rainwater harvesting helps irrigate building plants as part of water conservation efforts.

Combined with the installation of water saving fittings and solutions, the facility is able to cut back water usage by anestimation of 50%.

Energy Savings
The embodiment energy concepts reduces the concepts reduces the consumption by 30. This is achieved with the installation of T5 LED lighting, optimization of day lighting and natural ventilation and the installation of high quality reflective glass that ensures good thermal insulation.

Creating healthier spaces for the people whilst showing commitment for the conversation of the Earth will amass huge benefits for everyone. Visual and environmental diversity is for all to enjoy and lets not deprive future generations of such entitlements.

GreenA Consultants Pte Ltd was the lead consultant on this project and provides advisory and consultation services in areas of sustainability and the achievement of Singapore BCA Green Mark, LEED, Green Globe and Malaysia Green Building Index Certification.

Source: GreenA Consultants Pte Ltd

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