Brunei: Sultanate is developing its own green building rating tool

Brunei will soon have its own green building rating system.

The Green Building Council, Brunei Darussalam (GBC Brunei) is currently working with the Ministry of Development on the Sultanate’s own version of green building rating tool, Dato Paduka Ar Haji Idris bin Haji Abas, President of GBC, told the Bulletin yesterday.

The new green building rating tool is currently under drafting stage and when ready it is hoped to enhance the recently launched Energy Efficiency and Conservation Building Guidelines (EEC) for Brunei Darussalam, Dato Paduka Ar Haji Idris said on the sidelines of the second Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the council at Mutiara Ballroom of Radisson Hotel.

GBC Brunei was founded in April 2013 by a group of leading professionals in the building industry and some key people in the Brunei society as an initiative to address the growing concern of global warming and specifically to promote healthy and sustainable building activities.

Dato Paduka Ar Haji Idris said the activities of GBC Brunei are aimed at the goal of creating a sustainable environment. “It is GBC Brunei’s hope that people will become more concerned about saving the environment and it is the responsibility of everyone to develop a sustainable environment and not just of the professionals.”

GBC Brunei hopes to lead the way towards that goal – which is living in a harmonious, comfortable and sustainable environment – reducing the carbon emissions, he added.

When asked about the current challenges in promoting the green building concept, especially in terms of costs, Dato Paduka Ar Haji Idris explained that the capital invest-ment for a green-concept building is always high but in the long run it will bring in benefits and savings. Moreover, the design and materials for green buildings are now readily available and the costs too are not as high as before when the concept was first introduced.

The green concept is actually relies more on natural design, encouraging the use of right materials. An example is the rain water harvesting system which makes use of the building roof to collect rain water for various uses, the GBC Brunei President said.

GBC Brunei is part of the working committee, along with Ministry of Development and Energy Department at the Prime Minister’s Office, to formulate EEC Building Guidelines for Brunei Darussalam.

In the absence of customised green building rating tools for Brunei, other rating tools such as Green Mark (Singapore), LEED (US) and Green Building Index (Malaysia) are currently being used for rating. It is therefore imperative that a customised tool suitable for Brunei be formulated and adhered to in marking green buildings in the country.

The process of formulation of the marking tools is an important process that requires comprehensive expertise and feedbacks from professionals across various fields such as architecture, engineering, construction, building materials, banking and legal system, Dato Paduka Ar Haji Idris said. The draft version of the tool is completed and now pending is other stakeholders’ reviews and inputs.

Meanwhile, during the GBC Brunei’s 2015 AGM, motions were tabled and discussed by the council’s 38 members to improve the constitution for the future direction and undertakings of GBC Brunei. The AGM also marked the end of the two-year term for the founding board members of GBC Brunei. Dato Paduka Ar Haji Idris will remain as the President of GBC Brunei.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

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