Philippines: Green premium offices set benchmark for future projects

The time is ripe to showcase another masterpiece.

And this time, the pièce de résistance would address a growing demand for premium office spaces, driven largely by a robust Philippine economy and the sustained, strong investor interest in the country, currently dubbed as Asia’s rising tiger.
But it won’t simply be a top-grade building that would cater to the increasingly sophisticated requirements set by the foreign investors currently flocking the country to set up shop, or by the local companies that are firming up their respective expansion plans.

World-class boutique property developer ArthaLand is putting up what is touted to become the “prime office address” and “sustainability landmark” at the Bonifacio Global City, as it seeks to tap the lucrative opportunities in the fast-growing office sector.

“We know that there is a huge demand for office spaces in the Philippines today given the country’s continued economic growth. Expanding high value businesses continue to demand for office space and foreign investors continue to look into the Philippine market. And thus, there is a huge demand for high quality, green, and premium office space,” explained ArthaLand president and CEO Angie de Villa-Lacson.

“Analysts believe that the local economy will continue to grow and foreign investors in high value sectors will continue to flock. Consequently, this will boost the demand for premium office spaces, and the 30-storey ArthaLand Tower can help readily serve that need. ArthaLand Tower will not just be a green building, but a premium grade green building located in a power block in Bonifacio Global City,” Lacson stressed.

ArthaLand was one of the first developers to venture into green and sustainable developments through the highly successful maiden residential project, Arya Residences, which was then wellreceived both by the consumer market and the real estate industry. Encouraged by the positive feedback from the market, and the business community’s response on green buildings, the company believes that this is the perfect time to broaden its portfolio, and apply its technical learnings in the office property segment, through the ArthaLand Tower.

Premium offices

The ArthaLand Tower is a premium grade office building, now rising along 5th Avenue beside Shangri-la at the Fort and the future Philippine Stock Exchange Building. Premium buildings refer to those that are located in prime locations, have better turnover finishes, more elevators for efficiency, and better amenities. While grade A buildings have almost the same features as the premium buildings, the latter, however, uses the latest technologies and boasts of extra amenities.

This latest project from ArthaLand is being designed and positioned to attract tenants with global footprint, including those that are engaged in the financial sector, fast moving consumers goods (FMCG), pharmaceuticals, industrial and utilities sector, as well as knowledge services and technology sectors, among others.

“Having an office project in our portfolio makes good business sense. Having a green premium office in our portfolio enhances our corporate brand and our foothold in the real estate industry. We believe that the timing is just right: the market demand for top quality green buildings is surging and we believe that our organization is now much more technically adept given our learnings from the last project. We have proven ourselves in Arya, we know that we can do well with ArthaLand Tower,” Lacson claimed.

“Being in the office sector has always been a part of our plan. ArthaLand believes that the market for premium grade green buildings is as big as the space demand of multinational companies who are looking to expand or establish its presence in the Philippines in the next 12 to 24 months,” Lacson added.

Sustainability values

ArthaLand’s venture into green office spaces also dovetails well with its core corporate mission, which is to create boutique properties that are special, holistic, and green. The company aims to provide elevated quality of living for its customers and the communities where it is present.

“We make sure that all projects that we build are consistent with our sustainability values, giving our customers a sense of wealth. As of now, in Bonifacio Global City, there is a supply gap in premium grade office buildings,” Lacson explained. “We foresee that demand for world-class office developments will continue to rise given the strategic advantage of the district. We observe that multinational companies are strongly drawn to BGC and their global headquarters require them to locate in globally certified green buildings.” And the ArthaLand Tower is more than well poised to cater to that stringent requirement.

Once completed, this premium building—which is designed to achieve the highest levels of certification from both the US Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program and the Philippine Green Building Council’s BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence)—will provide businesses the benefits of a green space such as resource efficiency (lower energy consumption, lower demand for water); healthier working environment; and more efficient human resources, among others.

“This means, we adhere to the global and national standards in green building. The design, construction, and management of the property is monitored and calibrated to ensure strict adherence. This way, tenants are assured of the promised efficiency and qualitative benefits,” Lacson said.

New reality

ArthaLand believes that as green office buildings become the new reality in the Philippine property sector, the company must continue to level up its strategy and ensure that it will be able to cater to the growing and fast-changing requirements of the market.

“Our regional neighbors are looking up to us with our growth velocity and the whole world trains its sight on our shores. They demand for premium green office spaces. With this trend, our sector is compelled to go green. The market is ripe for the picking. Market demand for green buildings, both for the residential segment and the office segment, is high and strong,” Lacson explained.

“This bodes well for a new and better era in the property sector. The market is ready and they are willing to invest. All it takes is for developers to future proof the projects that we build. ArthaLand is ready to take the challenge because we are future proof by design,” Lacson concluded.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

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