India: US & EU countries to advise on green cities

Canada is the latest country to seek lucrative contracts advising Indian states on how to build new smart cities.

This week, Canadian diplomats have been courting the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, hoping to win deals similar to those given to Singapore, the USA and Germany.

Indian Prime Minister Modi announced last year that his country would build 100 new smart cities, reliant on cutting-edge connectivity, to transform municipal government across the nation.

Singapore is the most advanced, having already completed the first phase of the building of a new city in Andhra Pradesh.

Meanwhile, both Germany and the United States have signed the most deals to build new cities – with three each.

Spain has reached an agreement with the government of New Delhi to assist with modernisation, while New South Wales, Australia, is also looking to win smart cities contracts.

Source: Futuregov Asia Pacific

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