General: eco-architecture arrives in bamboo form

Sustainable architecture for a modern age with a natural composition

Bamboo is the green material of the 21st century due to its excellent CO2 absorbability and higher rebirth ability of bamboo forest in comparison with other tropical forests. It not only is a decorative material but also plays an important role as main structure. Bamboo material has its own attributes such as: small and uneven dimension, high durability to bend.

Due to those special characteristics, Vo Trong Nghia Co. Ltd use bamboo in the curving structure to maximize its potential and cultivate its grace of curvature, which is totally different from other wood materials. With the limitation of length and dimensions of the material, bamboo structure becomes the composition of small pieces. As a consequence, numerous joints are unavoidable and its details become the essence in the bamboo structure.

It is common to use the metal joint; however the organic characteristic and cost advantage for bamboo structure is lost when too many metal joints are used. Therefore, the firm uses its own method – tying rope and bamboo nails – to make joint as the sleek transition of the body. Despite such low-tech joints, their aim is not merely to build folk handcrafts in local areas but to create architecture in this age, over the world.

The firm divides the whole structure into several frame-units, which realize accurate structure under appropriate cost control. The assembling of these frame-units brings more flexibility in transportation for bamboo structure. ‘wNw cafe’ (2006.03) and ‘wNw bar’ (2008.01) are the firms earliest projects with the bamboo construction. ‘wNw bar’ is a pure bamboo dome structure with 15 metres diameter and 10 metres height. ‘wNw cafe’ is 500 sqm bamboo building embedded in beautiful tropic nature. In ‘Eco-resort Pavilion’ (2010.10), bamboo frame-units are installed in a 22-metre-diameter circular form, hereby creating dynamic space with high accuracy. ‘Hill Restaurant’ (2012), an open-air restaurant in Mexico, will mark an expansion of their bamboo structures outside of Southeast Asia.

Source : World Architecture News

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