As its name suggests, the Pre-Project Innovation Consortium (PPIC) will commit to finding sustainability solutions outside the confines of projects and ahead of demand. A particular focus will be on technologies suitable for tropical environments. It is the first consortium of its kind in the building industry worldwide.

The idea behind the concept is that the integrative design process will accelerate the building innovation cycle and enable the country to lead the commercialisation of green building technologies.

One particular area of interest is to use Singapore as a Living Lab to test the use of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). This technology was developed using Austrian-imported wood. It therefore needs to be adapted to suit Singapore’s hot and humid climate using regionally-sourced wood, customised coatings and adhesives.

CLT provides a number of benefits to the design and construction process. Wall, floor and roof elements can be pre-cut in the factory to any dimension and shape. The material offers excellent thermal, acoustic and fire performance. And, of particular interest to PPIC, buildings made from CLT also have a very low carbon footprint because carbon absorbed during the trees’ growth is locked away inside the wood used to make the panels.