Vietnam: Green One UN House, country’s first gold-rated green building


The new Green One UN House has become the first building project in Vietnam to achieve a provisional gold Lotus rating from Vietnam’s Green Building Council.

Green features include:

  • Full insulation, maximising the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, making the most of natural daylight
  • Using energy efficient lighting energy consumption is expected to be reduced by at least 25 per cent compared to a baseline model.
  • Using water more effectively is also expected to reduce consumption by 36 per cent.
  • Photovoltaic panels on the roof will harness solar energy and are expected to generate 10 percent of the building’s annual electricity requirements.
  • The UN is working to reach agreement with the national electricity company EVN to feed excess power into the national grid to replace power that would have to be generated by other less green means.

Mr Tran Van Thanh, Executive Director of the Viet Nam Green Building Council said:

“We congratulate the United Nations on this very significant achievement. We believe that the Green One UN House is helping to set new environmental standards for the building industry here in Viet Nam that we hope that others will now follow.”


Source: Intelligent Building Today

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