Singapore: Key industry players’ joint research on green building practices


Developers, architects, engineers and academics are being brought together to develop and test green building technologies, under a new Economic Development Board (EDB) scheme.

In teams led by major industry players, they will tackle questions such as how to let in more natural light while not heating up the building.

The research will take place before any specific building projects have been decided on, and the solutions will be customised for Singapore’s tropical climate.

This Pre-Project Innovation Consortium was launched yesterday at the Building and Construction Authority’s annual International Green Building Conference.

Two groups have already been formed, and are expected to spend $10 million in research over the next three years, with the EDB providing an undisclosed amount.

One group, led by Australian developer Lend Lease, is looking at how to adapt cross-laminated timber for a hot and humid climate. This strong wood-based building material is lighter than concrete and allows for faster construction.

The other, led by Singaporean firm DP Architects and New Zealand engineering consultancy Beca, will look at lighting and cooling.

“The partners are experts in technology, but we can tell them how to apply the technology to meet the industry’s needs,” said Mr Lee Boon Woei, director of consortium leader DP Architects’ unit DP Sustainable Design.


Source: AsiaOne

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