India Boosting The Concept of Green Buildings in Schools


HYDERABAD: Indian Green Building Council has come up with the ‘Green School Movement,’ a programme that attempts to provide nature friendly environment and promote green practice in young minds. The major part of the programme deals with boosting the concept of green buildings in schools. “Our main aim is to catch the young minds and make them familiar with the concept of green revolution right from the young age,” says S Raghupathy, Executive Director, Indian Green Business Council, Hyderabad. The program is expected to start in the month of August.

The primary activities of the Green School Movement include setting up green school rating system, development of education material and training teachers to bring out an environment perspective and encourage kids to identify patterns that connect human activity to nature and promote green. “We are also merging with the corporate companies to promote the concept,” Raghupathy informed. “As a part of the programme, we have asked corporate companies to adopt schools in their vicinity and support the schools in implementing green features and conduct awareness programmes for schools on green technology,” he added.

The idea of green buildings is to embrace an Eco-friendly style of living. Designed for natural light, the green buildings promise to save 40 per cent of energy consumption and 30 per cent on water consumption. The entire raw material used to make a green building comes from recycling matter. The walls are insulated to reduce the flow of heat from outside.

The rooftops are sprawled with greenery to reduce the solar heat from the gardens and the entire parameter of the building is embedded with high performance glass windows to ensure selective entry of light. The buildings are constructed in a way to harvest rainwater. “The whole idea is to improve the quality of life. The buildings have natural light and an excellent view with the glass windows and they have perfect ventilation,” Raghupathy said.

Source: The New Indian Express

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