China: An Eco-friendly Floating City Could Become a Reality

Floating City 2

A futuristic Floating City designed by London-based architecture firm AT Design Office, is being proposed for a location off the coast of China.

Commissioned by Chinese construction firm CCCC, the Floating City is a proposed structure comprised of hexagonal modules connected by underwater tunnels that create a network of roads and walkways.

Some of the building would be on the surface while others would be submerged beneath the ocean.

Project architect Slavomir Siska said “China Transport Investment Co. is reviewing the proposal and is likely to start to test this ambitious project from a smaller scale next year.”

The eco-friendly project is expected to be self-sufficient, with on-island food production, power generation, and waste management systems. Movement throughout the city is expected to be by electric cars or other zero-carbon forms of transport.

Even “commercial submarines” have been proposed to bring people and goods on and off the marine city.

Planners say it will be home to house luxury hotels, restaurants, shopping, and other recreational options and be equipped with docking facilities for cruise ships to encourage tourism.

The architects have also included a large amount of green space in their design, both above and in enclosed structures under water. The above-ground green belt is designed to provide residents with recreational space, while the underwater greenery will provide fresh air and additional relaxation space.

Source: Constructionweekonline


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