Evaluation of Technologies Ensuring Green Performance in Multi-family Housing Projects in Korea

Date: April 2014

Author: Kyuman Cho (Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Chosun University, Korea)

Because the energy consumption of the Korean construction industry accounts for 18.8% of Korea’s entire energy consumption, the construction industry has considered a variety of techniques for enabling energy savings on construction projects. In particular, the construction of multi-family housing projects in Korea is one of the key areas where efforts can be made to reduce energy consumption. Consequently, many Korean construction companies are investing considerable effort toward developing advanced green performance techniques, including heating, cooling and electricity. This study identified the various techniques available to achieve green performance in multi-family housing projects, and surveyed the expert’s perceptions of the techniques identified to suggest established, emerging, and opportunity green techniques to the Korean construction industry. This paper is expected to provide guidelines for developing technologies that can successfully deliver future energy-efficient multi-family housing projects in Korea.






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