Taiwan: Green Library Will Be Built by Govt and Donations

A new main library is set for construction in Kaohsiung, further enhancing the southern Taiwan port city’s cultural atmosphere and resident participation in civic events, according to the local government March 15.

The facility, with a construction budget of NT$1.9 billion (US$63.3 million), will be located in the Port of Kaohsiung area. It is expected to be built solely by the city government and become the world’s first suspended green building.

Shih Che, director-general of the city’s Bureau of Cultural Affairs, said the new library project is firmly backed by the people of Kaohsiung.

The bureau has set up a platform where businesses or individuals can participate in the project by making financial contributions, he said. Those making donations for the library to buy books will have their names inscribed on the wall of the second floor of the library building, or a note of recognition inside the cover of the book, he added.

Shih said more than 3,500 small donations in excess of NT$11 million have been received to date, lifting the total to NT$260 million. Judging from the level of interest, donors need to make their contributions quickly if they want to have their names recorded by the library for posterity, he added.

In addition to ROC nationals, new migrants from Southeast Asia, including Vietnam and Indonesia, are participating in the project.

A woman from Vietnam, who donated money to buy a Holo-language teaching book, said she wants to encourage her countrymen to read more and understand the local culture. Reading is the key to getting adjusted to life in Taiwan, she added. (DF-JSM)

Source: Taiwan Today

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