India Can Be Energy Surplus by Pushing Green Building Revolution

Asserting that India can be an energy surplus state if Green Building Revolution is adopted, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on Tuesday called for investment in renewable energy.

Asserting that India can be an energy surplus state if Green Building Revolution is adopted, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on Tuesday called for investment in renewable energy.

Addressing the Conference on Energy Management organized by the CII here today, Director General of Bureau of Energy Efficiency Ajay Mathur emphasized, “India can be energy surplus if we push in for a Green Building Revolution, adopt latest energy saving technologies, invest in Renewable energy and run mass awareness campaigns about Hi tech energy-savvy products.”

“Further, there is a dire need to focus on Transmission and Distribution (T&D) and remove bottlenecks thereof, so as to reduce the T& D Losses and hence meet India’s future energy demands”, he further highlighted.

“In a metro like Delhi, where energy demand peaks up to 6000 MW in summers and average sales of ACs every year is three lakh, it is really important to monitor, control and conserve energy at each and every level of demand and supply chain. For this, both private and public sector power players need to collaborate and build up a strong cost effective management system for power generation, transmission and distribution,” he added.

A CII –KPMG report on Energy Management for Competitive advantage was also released on the occasion.

Praveer Sinha, Chairman, CII NR Committee on Power Reforms & Renewable Energy & CEO and ED Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd said, “Energy Management is not a matter of choice but a necessity in the current scenario, where rate of energy consumption is rapidly increasing making India fourth largest user after US, China and Russia. Pro-active measures need to be adopted not only at industrial level but also at domestic level. Development of green technologies, use of energy efficient electronic products (five star rating) and GPS based power energy meters can work wonders to ensure an energy surplus future.”

Discussing about important key technological trends needed to drive energy management in industry, he said, “For building a green and energy efficient future we need to increase focus on automation and control of processes, measurement and verification of energy consumption, integration of different systems in a facility (such as access & security, life safety, building management systems, etc.). Convergence of IT and energy management can help in shaping a better future.”

“It is evident that energy efficiency is the quickest, cheapest and the cleanest way to reduce energy consumption, so the Industry and Government need develop a cohesive, holistic and practical approach towards securing an energy efficient future,” he said.

Dr. Prem C Jain, Chairman IGBC and Chairman Aecom India said, “Green Architecture, Advanced energy GPS monitoring, development of green business ideas, analysis of latest global trends of clean energy can together help us in building a sustainable future.”

Highlighting the mission of IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), he added that the future belongs to energy efficient infrastructure, where buildings are not only consumers but also generators of energy.

“The vision of the council is to usher a green building movement in India and facilitate India to become one of the global leaders in green building technology.”

With eminent speakers from organizations like Seimens, Bharti Realty, Reliance Industries, GE energy management, various issues of energy management, innovative technologies and upcoming global trends in field of energy management were discussed in the conference.

Source: Dna

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