India: Delhi’s First Ever Green Home

Light and airy: The home features several large windows and a solar panel

After air toxicity, unprecedented encroachment in the Ridge forest area and a dirtier Yamuna, the Capital finally has some good eco news – the arrival of its first ‘green home’.

House number H-1456, named ‘Green One’ is located in South Delhi’s Chittaranjan Park (CR Park), less than 100 metres from the local police station.

The house is the result of the dream of constructing an environment-friendly house at a time when 90 per cent of Delhi is uninhabitable and is getting shorn of its green cover.

“It is the ITC Green Building in Gurgaon that influenced me. So I pulled down my house in C.R. Park and re-built it using environment-friendly and recycled material,” Proshanto Roy, the owner of the house, said.

It cost a little less than Rs 4 crore, he said, and is built with an overall fenestration design to reduce heat gain.

The staggering and stacking provides shade and also maximises the effect of diffused lighting.

The interiors have been built with recycled building materials like fly-ash bricks, while autoclaved aerated concrete (ACC) bricks have been used for the walls.

“Only a few bricks from the leftover debris were used. These are made using industrial waste materials. Conventional bricks are considered carbon dirty and it also spoils the earth. Furthermore, several kilograms of coal have to be burned to make a kilo of brick. That is simply wasting valuable natural resources,” Roy added.

Not only do these building materials make the house cooler, they also halve its weight.

Approximately, 54.72 per cent of the total living area falls under the day-lit zone. Furthermore, glass with low solar heat gain co-efficient (SHGC) has been used to ensure the same.

Artificial lights with low power density (LPD) have been used throughout. The home features several large windows and a solar panel.

Source: Mail Online India


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