Sustainability Trends in Asia’s Interior Design | Miaja Design Group | Isabelle Miaja

Isabelle Miaja acknowledges the increase of awareness towards sustainability practices in the interior design across the Asia region.

There has been a shift in the way people choose the materials and products to be more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, i.e. LED lighting. Such option does not always translate to higher costs – in Asia, the The product use is mainly locally sourced to prevent high import tax whilst also maintaining the carbon footprints to the minimum that may be caused by the logistics and distribution process. Eventually, this will only go further – in the future, architecture design is expected to be sustainable and inclusive.

Isabelle Miaja is the Founder and Managing Director of Creative Force at Miaja Design Group.


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Miaja Design Group is a Singapore-based international design firm providing luxurious Interior Designs and Architectural Concepts for some of the world’s most prestigious hotel groups, resorts, boutiques, corporate and high-end residential clients across the Asia and other regions.

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