India: It is Important to Bring Sustainable Building Practices in Vogue

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PUNE: There is a need for a policy push to incentivise greener practices in designing and construction of buildings, architects said on Wednesday.

“So many buildings constructed these days are not designed for the climatic conditions in which they are being built. First, you build these tall structures made entirely of glass and then you have to spend heavily on air-conditioning to keep them cool,” architect Rahul Ravat told reporters on the sidelines of the ongoing eighth Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival.

Instead, architects should keep climatic conditions in mind and design structures that will cut down on energy consumption. These design principles are already being taught to architecture students as part of their curriculum, Ravat said.

The emphasis should always be on factors such as ensuring maximum utilisation of natural light and providing maximum ventilation, he said. Citing an example of a building he has designed in the Sadashiv Peth, Ravat said that even in congested areas, it is possible to design buildings that minimise the use of artificial lighting and have good ventilation through special shafts.

“If there is a policy push to ensure that sustainable design principles are implemented in construction, it will certainly have an impact. For example, it has become essential to ensurerainwater harvesting in new constructions and that is having an impact,” he added.

Green activist Priyadarshini Karve said that it was also important to bring sustainable building practices in vogue. “If the idea of living in sustainable buildings is made more attractive, clients themselves would ask architects to design greener buildings,” Ravat added.

Source: The Times of India

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