Building Energy Management System Helps Thai Green Building Development | Azbil | Keiji Hashimoto

Keiji Hashimoto captures the current building energy management system (BEMS) market overview in Thailand.

As opposed to the popular belief stating that BEMS demands are mostly coming from the MNCs, Keiji clarifies that Thailand/local firms are now starting to catch up with this trend. companies in Thai are getting more aware of their needs to be more energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and to operate more efficiently, all of which help developing the development of green building sector in the country.

Keiji Hashimoto is the Senior Manager, Building & Factory Solution Division at Azbil.


More about Azbil :

Azbil is a Japanese advanced automation and building & factory solution provider, initially renowned for their air-conditioning technology. The technology they offer aims to help their customers enhance productivity, safety and convenience while reducing energy consumption and running costs of the building.


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