Green Data Center Trend in Asia | Siemens | Philip Krause

Philip Krause reveals the trend of green data center in the Asia region in response to the need of reducing power consumption.

Adopting ‘green’ data centers does not only contribute to the energy reduction, but also serves as a key differentiation that would leverage the position in the market. However, the use of renewable energy in order to offset the large amount of the data center’s power consumption is not yet considered feasible for Asia as of now nor over the next couple of years. Aside from Japan and China, Singapore in particular has also started to witness more of this practice, and is even believed to become a role model for the whole Asia region.

Philip Krause is the Head of Datacenter, Center of Competence for APAC at Siemens.


More about Siemens :

Siemens is a German multinational engineering and electronics conglomerate company of which principal activities are in the fields of industry, energy, transportation and healthcare. Among many of their services, Siemens Energy enables their customers to generate, transmit and distribute electrical power at the highest levels of efficiency; whilst Siemens. The company also dedicates themselves to the urban development through Siemens Infrastructure and Cities offers sustainable technologies for metropolitan centers and urban infrastructures worldwide. Combining the expertise of existing businesses in our Industry and Energy Sectors, Infrastructure & Cities is well positioned to be a major player in an addressable market of €300 billion.


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