Thailand: green library with a message

Bangkok’s Green Library was opened months ago in a serene corner of Romklao community, serving as a reminder to all corporates of what they can do to minimise the impact of global warming on the planet.

The library brought smiles on the faces of the local community, with its large volume and variety of reading materials and a new learning place for children as well as a small meeting room. Bangkokians as a whole have a reason to feel joy as the library is one of the first buildings in Thailand to win the internationally accepted green building standard – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). And the biggest smiles are being shared by sponsors of this project – HSBC and Schneider Electric.

Nelson Yeap, president of Schneider (Thailand), which supplies the electrical system, calls this library a showcase of innovations to reduce energy consumption.

The library is wired with sensors that control lighting and air-conditioners.

The air-conditioners work according to body heat, to ensure appropriate energy consumption while keeping the temperature at a comfortable level. The company has been successful in installing a similar system at a factory in Samut Prakan which helped save energy cost. Yeap hopes that the library, which is open to all, would inspire many to invest in energy-saving innovations.

This Green Library is HSBC’s flagship environmental project. As the main sponsor, HSBC has led the project since the initial stage: from project initiation, to design, construction and communications.
Matthew Lobner, chief executive officer of HSBC Thailand, feels the library is a showcase of how sustainability can be achieved.

“We aim to be a role model for other organisations and the Thai public at large to incorporate green-building principles into the design, operations and management of their buildings and residences, so that together we can help to build a greener home, city, country and planet,” Lobner said.
This project is part of HSBC’s corporate sustainability strategy. The bank has won the Best CSR Award and Environmental Initiatives Award from 2011 Asian Banking & Finance Retail Banking Awards. HSBC Thailand has also received the American Chamber of Commerce’s Corporate Social Responsibility Recognition Award recently.

Source : Corporate Social Responsibility Thailand


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