India: Adopting Green-Building Concept Is Key to Tackling Water and Power Scarcity

MYSORE: To highlight the importance of green concepts among builders and industrialists,Builder’s Association of India (BAI) is organizing a seminar on ‘Sustainable – Myth or reality’ at Senate Bhavan here.

Addressing the gathering on Saturday, the first day of the event, BAI (Mysore) chairman N P Vishwanath said: “We should recharge, recycle and reuse materials for sustainable development. We must act together to ensure this.”

Public works minister H C Mahadevappa said: “Man should evolve in accordance with nature. The air we breathe should be free of pollution for us to be healthy. There has been population explosion, and in the race to meet people’s demands, we should not miss out on protecting forest and nature. We have to change the strategy and adopt green-building concepts.”

S Raghupathy, executive director, Confederation of Indian Industry Godrej Green Building Council, said: “The vision of green building concept is to live harmoniously with nature. We should contribute significantly for the development of green-building concept.”

Confederation of Real Estate Developer’s Association of India president Ajith Narayana K and Indian Green Building Council (Bangalore) vice-chairman Chandrashekar Hariharan highlighted the need for people to adopt the concept.

R R Dayanand, an engineer, said: “There are many people who don’t know green-building concept. Attending such seminars will help one gain more knowledge about the concept.”

IT valuer H A Manjunath said: “Water and power have become important aspects in everyone’s life, and they are not available as abundantly as earlier. Therefore, adopting green-building concept is key to addressing such scarcity.”

Around 400 people including academicians, students and builders attended the seminar.

Source: The Times of India

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