Singapore: More Green Features Toward Existing Public Housing Estates in Yuhua

SINGAPORE: Residents in Yuhua will see more green features in their ward next year.

It will pilot the HDB’s Greenprint programme to encourage sustainable and eco-friendly living in existing public housing estates.

For a start, construction of underground pipes for a pneumatic refuse collection system will commence early next year.

In the system, waste will be sucked through underground pipes to centralised collection areas.

Works to install solar panels, vertical greenery and secured bicycle parking facilities will also begin during the same period.

By mid-year, HDB will kick off the construction of green roofs at nine low-rise blocks.

In the last quarter of 2014, lifts at 18 blocks will be made more energy-efficient through the Elevator Energy Regeneration System.

Grace Fu, second minister for environment and water resources, said: “Most importantly, it is to get residents excited about changing their habits, about recycling more, about reducing their consumption, about taking the greener form of commuting. I think this will be really important and significant for this project.”

Ms Fu added that while residents may have to make some adjustments to their lives, the overall benefits will outweigh the inconveniences.

She said: “For example, when it comes to the pneumatic collection system, definitely nothing bulky can go in, and at certain times of the day, you may not be able to use the chutes. So there will be some adjustments.

“But I think the overall benefits will outweigh these adjustments because you are talking about not having someone to push the rubbish trucks across the car park, you are talking about a much cleaner environment, probably not a lot of food waste left dripping on the floor.”

Ms Fu was speaking at the launch of the HDB’s Green Homes Package exhibition on Saturday, where she also presented awards to five companies and individuals for their ideas to encourage green living.

The projects will each receive up to S$100,000 from the Greenprint Fund for test-bedding.

The five ideas are mini parks at covered spaces of HDB void decks, lightweight retractable solar panels at open areas such as car parks and basketball courts, solar-powered street lights with mosquito killer and motion sensor function, more energy-efficient lighting at common corridors, and community farming.

A site at Jurong East Street 21 has been identified for the trial implementation and it is expected to take a year.

HDB said it may replicate the ideas in other towns.

In another green initiative, residents can get 10 to 30 percent savings on electrical appliances under the HDB’s Green Homes Package programme.

The discount comes in comparison to the selling prices of the items at major retailers.

The programme aims to encourage the use of energy-efficient appliances in homes.

Some of the appliances under the scheme include air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, LED televisions, fans and lighting.

The discount will be available for six months.

Source: Channel News Asia


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