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Green buildings development in Asia is seeing continuous expansion. As it reaches Thailand, the adopted practices are driven by the private sectors, as opposed to the regulatory framework as seen in its counterparts like Singapore and Malaysia. The market in Thailand is getting more aware of the benefits of pursuing green construction – although the demand rate is fairly slower than some other countries in the region, eco-friendly construction materials are now gaining more recognition and prevalence in the country.

Thailand sees positive projection towards the growth of green buildings. Check out our exclusive interview with Saravut Sumransub, the Managing Director Marketing Housing Business – Responsible for Green Solution at the Siam Cement Group (SCG), shares more about how green construction materials contribute to achieving sustainable environment in Thailand below.


Compared to the other Asian counterparts, do you see any significant difference in Thailand’s green building sector in terms of market demand?

It depends on which countries you compare it with. If you compare Thailand to Singapore or Malaysia, their green building sectors are supported by the government; on the other hand, in Thailand the private sectors are the key to developing green buildings as part of a sustainable vision. Certainly the growth rate will be slower than in Singapore or Malaysia, but there has been continuous expansion.

What is the main driver you see from your customers in undergoing green building practices?

Commitment and collaboration are the main drivers for our customers. They recognize that they need to develop eco-friendly buildings. Researching and developing the suitable solutions for green building are important. Good team work helps them to achieve their target.

Given the lack of know-how to adopt green practices by the local architects and contractors, how do you ensure that your products are being utilized to the extent it is supposed to?

SCG recognizes the value of resource management in order to maximize the beneficial use of our products. We have therefore applied a product life-cycle assessment to all SCG business units. Our products have been developed to be eco-friendly. In order to provide and advise regarding suitable products for green projects, it is our policy to work as part of the project team. The green goal will be achieved by the collaboration of all parties not by individuals.

How does the green building certification affect your product’s quality and vice versa?

In fact, the green building certification does not affect our product’s quality. SCG encourages every business unit within the SCG umbrella to develop High Value Added Products and Service (HVA) and to focus not only on the immediate needs of the direct customer but also the people, society, and the environment around them that are affected by such products and services, especially Thailand and the ASEAN region. SCG has set a self-proclaimed, recognizable label, “SCG Eco Value,” for environmentally friendly products and services since 2009 by adopting the “ISO 14021 Environmental Labels and Declared Environment Claims”-standard together with stakeholders’ requirements and a product lifecycle assessment. Further, product design, reduction of raw material, energy and water consumption during product and use, the use of renewable raw materials and energy, recyclability, waste and greenhouse gases emission reduction are all taken into consideration as part of this standard. So the additional green product certification was created simply to be used as the green building basic standard even though it is something we do already.

How do you envision the future of Thailand’s green building industry? What trends are going to kick in?

Thailand’s green building industry will grow continuously. The limits of resources and the effects of pollution will be important factors that drive it towards continued growth.


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The Siam Cement Public Company Limited or SCG is the largest cement company in Thailand which has expanded into various businesses with five core business units: chemicals, paper, cement, building materials and distribution. SCG has been awarded Sector Leader in Building Materials and Fixtures in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) by Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) and has been ranked Gold Class.

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