Green Development in China’s Guangzhou Knowledge City | Chin Phei Chen

Chin Phei Chen emphasizes the importance of green and sustainability development in Guangzhou Knowledge City, a joint initiative carried out by the Singaporean and Chinese government.

The main idea is to develop a conducive environment for the inhabitants to live, work, learn, and play/create. Proper facilities for various groups of people are prepared to provide ease of doing business and convenient ways of living. Guangzhou Knowledge City is poised to implement Singapore’s past experiences and knowledge in order to spur innovations, new ventures as well as building a sustainable, low-carbon city. The city’s urban planning is equipped with green tools which are reflected through parks, energy-efficient buildings, green corridors, and other spatial greeneries.

Chin Phei Chen is the CEO of Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City.


More about Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City :

Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City is an strategic programme jointly pursued by the Singaporean and Chinese government which seeks to build a home for all to live, work and play through the four initiatives of Smart City, Eco City, Learning City and Design City, complemented by Software Collaboration projects and programmes where Singapore’s experience can be adapted.

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This exclusive interview was carried out during the Asia Pacific Sustainability Leadership Forum 2013 as part of the media partnership mutually pursued.

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