Will Growing Data Center Market in APAC and Singapore Pose the Green Data Center Trend?

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Data center, a facility used to store and manage organization’s data as well as centralize its IT operations and equipment, is in principle highly power-consuming and now seeing an increase of investment in Asia Pacific. According to a figure released by the DCD Intelligence, investments in the Data Center within the region during the year of 2012 – 2013 grew by 10%, and Singapore in particular saw a growth of 5.3%.

Source: DCD Intelligence


Growing Data Center market might increase environmental threats

The problem with a data center is it is highly power demanding – some even have power densities more than 100 times that of a typical office building. The electricity costs dominate the operating expense (opex) and account for over 10% of the total cost of ownership.

Data center power requirements are now growing across the Asia Pacific region. Interestingly, a figure released by DCD Research shows that the largest increases in power during the year of 2012 occurred in countries with smaller growth rates in space, such as Singapore (growth in white space – 2.2%; growth in power requirements – 9.3%). This indicates that in a mature data center market, more energy intensive equipment is being fitted into smaller spaces.

Philip Krause, the Head of Datacenter Center of Competence for APAC at Siemens stated that foreign companies will continue to come to Singapore to establish their data centres to provide services in the region.

Improving the energy efficiency of data centers

Corporations in Asia are growing anticipation towards more stringent regulations of carbon emissions and seeking for ways to reduce their power consumption as a part to ensure a more sustainable business. Green practices are therefore being carried out across various industrial sectors, and every visionary decision maker is now considering sustainability as a substantial norm.

It is concurred by the fact that data center owners and operators across Asia are increasing their energy monitoring practices to improve power utilization and wane their operational costs. There are 70% of the companies in Singapore which now continuously monitor their energy efficiency, up from 51% in 2012. Over a year, the number of organizations in Singapore monitoring their carbon emissions have now also increased from 17% to 20%.

Source: DCD Intelligence


Green Data Centers = upcoming trend in Asia?

Despite it being an oxymoron at a glance, Green Data Centers may be a trend in Asia.

The increase of power consumption and costs are urging the industry to cultivate new and sustainable ways to develop better and more energy-efficient data centers. Enterprises can implement strategies to optimize energy consumption, i.e. designing an energy-efficient facility/data center building early on, attaining proper green building certifications, and applying an effective building technology systems to monitor energy parameters.

According to Siemens’ Philip Krause, using renewable energy is a good idea for green data centers, but it will only act as the additional source and also depends on the regulations where the facility operates in.

As renewable energy is not used or sourced for the whole 24 hours every day in a data center, it also requires a more holistic assessment on how to carry out this method of resourcing. Renewable energy can contribute to data centres’ power demands, but cannot completely offset the traditional power grid connections — so green data centres using renewable energy is not foreseen in the next few years in Asia.

However, given that Singapore is fairly deemed to be more advanced on related practices, it is plausible that Singapore may act like a role model on green data centers, while other countries in the region will roll out afterwards. (AGB.com – SA)

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