Thailand’s Green Building Trends | Thai Green Building Institute | Dr. Atch Sreshthaputra

Dr. Atch Sreshthaputra shares his insight on the current market trends in Thailand’s green building industry.

A significant increase or higher construction cost in adopting green building norm is a common false perception in Thailand. While there is admittedly an additional cost accrued, a proper planning to build green early on will effectively minimize it. Commercial segment is currently the biggest green building adopter in Thailand, mainly due to (mostly foreign) corporations’ green policies and CSR initiatives on sustainability. It is expected that in the future, residential and hospitality segments are also jumping into this green building trends in Thailand.

Dr. Atch Sreshthaputra is the Executive Committee of Thai Green Building Institute, as well as the Assistant Professor of Dept. of Architecture at Chulalongkorn University.


More about Thai Green Building Institute :

Thai Green Building Institute (TGBI) is a non-profit agency of which main goal is to develop knowledge and standards of green building practices on Thailand and ensure the compliance of its guidelines on its intended use. TGBI is the organization behind the establishment of TREES, the local green building rating tool specifically customized for the Thailand marketplace.

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