Singapore: “Green and Gracious” Certification to Bid for Govt Constructions from 2017

Construction firms must be certified “green and gracious” by the Government if they want to bid for public housing, school and hospital projects from 2017.

And that means adopting a variety of environment-friendly and more considerate measures which, for instance, save energy or reduce noise pollution.

The measure will affect over 300 medium-sized and large building firms, which have between January 2015 and December 2016 to earn the certification under the Green and Gracious Builder Scheme (GGBS). The certification is a requirement for being on the Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA’s) registry.

Firms must be on the registry before they can bid for government projects. Failure to get certified by the end of 2016 could see a firm’s tender limit downgraded, said the BCA, which added that “we may reinstate their grade upon certification”.

There is no timeframe yet for smaller firms, which can bid for projects worth up to $4 million, although The Straits Times understands that eventually all companies will have to go green.

“As Singapore becomes more built up, some of us may be less tolerant of disamenities like noise and dust,” said Minister of State for National Development and Trade and Industry Lee Yi Shyan, as he announced the move at Monday’s Singapore Contractors Association conference on environmental sustainability.

He told the more than 200 industry participants there of the need to reduce the consumption of non-renewable natural resources, such as fuel and water, and minimise noise, dust, waste and pollution during construction

Source: Asiaone

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