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Martin Reuter explains the architecture trends currently happening in the Asian region with regards to the market’s propensity towards ‘green’ movements.

Sustainable design is now becoming a norm as buildings are the biggest consumers of power, urging more of the energy efficient approach to be implemented. While the current construction and architecture trends are 90% focusing on energy consumption, Martin asserts that this will face a shift in the next future. A more holistic approach will be required, less technical and more clever thinking will be involved – building orientation, building location, passive minimization of heat gain, qualities offered to the inhabitants, and so forth.

Martin Reuter is the Managing Director of Ingenhoven Architects.


More about Ingenhoven Architects :

Ingenhoven Architects is an architectural firm based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Founded in 1985, the office became notable for its ecologically oriented designs for high-rise buildings. The firm sees sustainability as an important, self-evident and noticeable part of corporate identity, with Green Building Design being their core competence. All of their projects are orientated on international standards including LEED, BREEAM, ASHRAE, Swiss Minergy, European Standard 2000 or DGNB.

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This exclusive interview was carried out during the International Green Building Conference as part of the media partnership mutually pursued.

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