India: Spectacular Growth of Green Building from 2001

Currently there are 2,204 green buildings, including hospitals, hotels, colleges and IT parks in the country.

At a time when climate change and environment have become crucial topics of discussion, the number of green buildings is expected to increase manifold. Built with an intention to protect the environment by using non-toxic materials like solar panels, wind turbines, rainwater harvesting systems, composting systems etc, green buildings are said to help in energy conservation.

And their number is anticipated to grow from 2,204 at present across India, to about one lakh by 2025, say estimates by the Indian Green Building Council. A far cry from 2001, when there was only one green building in India. This increase will include hospitals, hotels, offices, institutions, colleges, convention centres and IT parks.

“We are seeing a lot of interest from clients who include IT and ITeS firms for green buildings.

They have understood the concept and are appreciating the benefits,” says Satish BN, executive director at property consultancy Knight Frank. Experts say green buildings are beneficial not just in energy conservation, but also in cost reduction. “Green buildings can help save a lot of energy.

The energy savings can be as high as 15,000 MWh, while water savings can be 45,000 kl,” says Syed Mohamed Beary, chairman, IGBC, Bangalore.

Experts say such buildings help save about 15-20% of the total running and maintenance cost of a building, specially office premises and IT parks.

According to Adarsh Vansay from Aeon Green Power Solutions, a 600 watt solar panel and a 650 watt wind turbine are enough to provide 4-5 hours of daily energy supply for a two to three member household living in a 2 BHK.

“So installing a solar panel and wind turbine on the roof are useful. A minimum 300 days of sunshine is guaranteed in India so solar energy can be tapped more extensively. Wind turbine provides versatility,” says Vansay, whose firm designs, supplies and installs solar panels and wind turbines to households in Bangalore. While installation of grey water treatment systems, for treating water from sinks and washing machines, proves helpful in reducing water bills.

What are Green buildings

Green building refers to a structure that is environmentally responsible and resource efficient.

Green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health by efficiently using energy and water, protecting the occupant’s health and improving productivity, reducing pollution etc. Green buildings use sustainable materials in their construction like recycled material, that are made from renewable resources.


Source: Dna

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