LED Lighting Trends in Hong Kong Green Buildings | FCCIHK, Lucibel LED Lighting | Charles d’Haussy


Charles d’Haussy outlines the existing luminaire design trends in Hong Kong and how the LED lighting industry grows in China’s market.

It is evident that the Hong Kong market is aware of the existing green options for the buildings, such as the use of LED lighting to mitigate power consumption. The market’s preference in choosing LED lighting to enhance building’s performance mainly lies on energy saving, design/style, and the maintenance cost — of with each propensity varies in every area/region due to different market maturity level. The growth of LED lighting industry in the country is driven by the professionals, with strongest demand and adoption occur in the the retail, followed by various workspaces (offices, hospitals, universities).

Charles d’Haussy is the Vice President at French Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Hong Kong, as well as the APAC Vice President of Lucibel LED Lighting.


More about Lucibel LED Lighting :

Lucibel is an innovative French company that designs in France, manufactures in its own factory, and markets new generation lighting products and solutions stemming from LED technology.

Website : www.lucibel.asia

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