Green Buildings in Indonesia | Green Building Council Indonesia | Naning Adiwoso

Naning Adiwoso explains how Indonesia’s green building industry shapes up over time with its own set of hindrances.

Indonesia is targeting 26% emission reduction which poses a promising opportunity for the green building market. The local green certification named GREENSHIP has been helping private / commercial sectors to achieve higher energy efficiency of a building; meanwhile GREENSHIP homes is aimed to provide a simple self-assessment tool in the residential sector. To accelerate the development of the industry, the Green Building Council Indonesia advocates and provides trainings to educate different stakeholders about green management, green procurement. and surely green construction. Their initiatives are also expected to open more job opportunities in this green construction market segment.

Naning Adiwoso is the Chairperson of Green Building Council Indonesia, which serves as the non government and not for profit organization, fully committed to the transformation of green building movement in Indonesia.


More about Green Building Council Indonesia:

Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI) is an independent institution which advocates and organizes familiarization activities using principles of green / ecological / sustainability / sustainability in the planning, implementation and operation of buildings and environment in Indonesia. GBCI developed Indonesian special green building assessment tool named GREENSHIP and is a member of the World Green Building Council (WGBC).


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    22/11/2013 at 4:48 pm

    Our company PT RAJAWALI HIYOTO produce paints for buildings and chemical construction products. We produce water-based APEO free products for both interior and exterior application. Some of our products used IR reflective pigments to reduce heat transmission into the building and reduce energy consumption due to airconditioning. Can you tell us how we can be member and what are the membership fee.

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