India: Developers and Builders Follow Green Practices

SURAT: Following the adage of never too late to begin a good work, some of the developers and builders in the city have come forward to follow green building norms in their future projects. Nearly 30 top developers have come forward to adopt the green practices.In a city that has sanctioned 8,62,000 square metres of space for highrise constructions since 2009 and 5,76,000 square meters for low rise constructions, there are just four projects that are under scrutiny of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) for Leed Certification, a green building rading system.

The process for starting Surat chapter of IGBC under the leadership of South Gujarat Chamber of commerce and Industries (SGand Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) will start on September 10. “This local green building council will serve as a catalyst for real estate business to go green,” said Kamlesh Yagnik, president of SGCCI.

Velji Sheta, president of Surat Builders Association (SBA) told TOI, “We know it will increase the cost of the project by eight to ten per cent but it is beneficial for all in the long run. Moreover, we can save energy. Why shouldn’t we go for it?”

Sanjay Panjabi, a convener of the SGCCI project to run the Surat chapter of IGBC said that the real estate sector uses maximum energy in the city. “By following the norms of green building code developers will be able to save energy, develop unit wise rain water harvesting system, make surroundings more green, save misuse of water and construct homes that have more natural sunlight,” he said.

SGCCI is planning an interaction between renowned architect Karan Grover and local developers on September 10.

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