Green-CREP, the 2nd Annual Commercial Building Architecture-Designing-Performance Summit Launched


Developers have been expanding the commercial real estate industry in recent years, which impel commercial property market too rapid and dynamic growth. Whether bubble-prone phenomenon has been appeared or even existed? Homogenization is a very common mark existed in most of commercial real estate projects, even in some well-known and successful projects in these years, which is a real risk. Moreover, e-commerce now is challenging traditional commercial formats with a strong momentum.

Sustainable development has been widely recognized by developers since last year. Efficient performance management could satisfy the demand of commercial property sustainable operation and green development, more could bring in revenue from considerable energy saving. 87% of property owners and operators worldwide rely on building energy saving to improve overall operating efficiency. So as to the future of China commercial real estate industry, performance management and energy saving control will play an irreplaceable role in its development path.

The 2nd Annual Green-CREP Commercial Building Architecture-Designing-Performance Summit will set Realizing Commercial Property Building Evolution – Design Integration – Performance Efficiency “3 in 1” as a guideline, to be held on 13th-14th November, 2013 in Shanghai Marriott Hotel Luwan, China, organized by Linver Insights, supported by Econet China and 21 Club.

The 2nd Annual Green-CREP is not a “Pure” design engineering and product application summit, much more from a view that how to leverage building evolution, design integration and performance efficiency to achieve a commercial property’s real value and commercial functions; also will not generally speak HOPSCA, but focus on Retail Property, Hotel and Resort, Office Building and Ultra Highrise, 3 commercial formats, respectively invite those who directly operate most representative projects in this 3 formats, property developers’ and hotel management groups’ Chief Architect/ Chief Engineer/ Chief Designer/ strategic development management levels and leading architecture design & engineering consulting companies’ Masters, as eminent speakers to bring practical cases and innovative concept. Besides, first-hand information of updated commercial property projects in China will be delivered at the event, which will present you a most prospective, professional, targeted, decisional summit in commercial property building-designing-performance management area.

5 Classic Commercial Building Projects CASE STUDY will be the beginning of The 2nd Annual Green-CREP, separately get deep insight into Urban Reconstruction Project, Transit-Oriented Development Project, Suburban Shopping Mall, Community Commercial Project, and Characteristic Boutique Design Hotel, 5 project showcase; and discuss on What’s the Next Generation Commercial Property Mode? How Will the Mating of Architecture, Design and Engineering Will Change in E-Commerce Era?

For Retail Property Chapter, project owners of Kaisa City Plaza, Changi Airport, Life Hub @ Anting, Kerry Parkside, Vivo City, Chengdu 24city will share the “heart” of these successful projects; and design “Masters” of KUL Petronas Towers, Wuhan Tiandi-Corporate Center, Langham Place Hongkong, Chongqing Times Paradise Walk, Mega Box, Shanghai IFC, IAPM Mall, Westfield will share their advanced concept.

Hotels and Resorts Chapter put more emphasis on Luxury Hotels and Resorts projects which can much more present the value of design concept and hi-tech application. Chief Architects/ Chief Designers/ Chief Engineers and technology department heads from project owners and hotel management groups who are in charge of Nano Magic City Shimao Shenkeng Hotel, Hangzhou Dragon Hotel, The Interlaken OCT Hotel, Naked Retreat Moganshan, Shanghai Tower J-Hotel, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts; and architects of Aman, Hangzhou Fuchun Resort, Ayana Resort, W Singapore Sentosa Cove, Fairmont Peace Hotel, Marina Bay Sands; will bring excellent cases analysis.

In Office Building & Ultra Highrise Chapter, speakers from owners, operators and designers, will focus on the projects: Beijing WFC-World Financial Centre, L’ Avenue, Ocean International Center Tower A, Vantone Center, E10, Z15, Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, Galaxy SOHO.

Over 50 eminent speakers from commercial property developers, hotel and resort management groups and architecture design & consulting firms and over 250 delegates will attend the 2nd Annual Green-CREP. 50% among of them are Heads of design management department and engineering management department from project owners and hotel management groups.

3 commercial formats chapters, 20 project showcases, 6 interactive brainstorm, communication and networking among peers, you cannot miss it in November.



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