India: Green Roofing is the New Trend for Bangalorites


KORAMANGALA: Experimenting with different roofing structures is the order of the day for the niche residential sector in Koramangala. A steady growth -between 20 percent and 25 percent -has been recorded in the roofing market, where builders are combining innovation with technology to give each of the bungalows an edge over the other. The styled roofing not just brings exclusivity to the property, but, sometimes, comes with added advantages like cooling and being nature friendly.

These ventures are profitable from the developers’ point of view too. Developers these days mostly have a floor rise in price for every floor. Hence the eventual premiums for the premium penthouses would be 25-35% higher than normal lower floor flats.

Koramangala market

According to Rahul Pai, managing partner of Uma’s Realty and who is also a governing body member of the Bangalore Realtors Association, India (BRAI), a nice roof can transform one’s house from an ugly cube to an average house, and an average house into a great one.

“People are more demanding than ever in the residential segment due to increased competition and increased marketing budgets of the builders. Due to factors like higher disposable income, steep rise in across asset classes, etc. We have seen that the HIG segment is comfortably growing despite hiccups in the economy. Also, one should note that this segment is relatively unaffected when it comes to non- discretionary spends like luxury rooftop pools, gardens or other personalized innovative roofing,” said Pai.

Having a fancy terrace with additions like bar counters, drip irrigated gardens, or even just a slanting roof with the earthen clay look is becoming a fad.

“These add-ons are used to show off at get togethers at these Koramangala villas. Professionals at the CXO level and expats are the common owners of such flamboyant roofed housings,” said Noor Ahmed Sheriff, project lead at Fix Up Properties and Projects Private Limited. The cost of such add-ons is between Rs 75000 and Rs 1 lakh. However, pools with covered decks and other such extravagant features cost over Rs 25 lakh and above.

Going green

With green being the fad, the concept of green buildings is gaining acceptance among Bangloreans.

“Terrace gardens are in trend as they can facilitate an efficient rain water harvesting system and recharge the ground water table, which is the ultimate solution to the water crisis staring at the city. Green roofs benefit biodiversity, storm water management and reduce the heat island effect,” said Sumit Jain, co-founder and CEO,

“Scientific knowledge should be used to understand the importance of green roofs, and develop local information of the forms and uses of green roofs that are appropriate for the region.

A super-size terrace is the new luxury buzzword in this city. Large semi-open spaces attached to penthouses and million-dollar (upwards of Rs 5.5 crore) condos, that can be used as sit-outs, private green spaces or party areas, is the latest fancy of the gilded class here.

“In some other cases, terraces come with a view and a pool,” he added.

“Today, the customers are very conscious of their environment. They want the convenience of an apartment as well as the luxury of open space of a garden terrace where they can entertain guests. Terraces are becoming a regular feature in the premium apartment segment too, priced between Rs 75 lakhs and Rs 2 crore,” said Jain.

The longevity of these roofs are no less than three to five decades and sometimes even more. Using high-quality stainless-steel nail ensures that there is no rusting with the nails used.


Source: Economic Times

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