India: Surat to Set Up a Green Building Council



The Diamond City has started taking baby steps on the green path. It is moving towards becoming the first city in India to have a green building council (GBC) that would ensure that the new buildings coming up follow a green building code.

The future constructions would have openings for sun light to filter in. They could even have ground floor and basement totally dedicated to plants treating impurities, while the terraces will be covered with vegetation ensuring better oxygen content.

GBC will work proactively and provide plans based on the green code. It will also provide technical expertise and know how for retro fitting of existing structures so that they can be converted into green buildings.

The green code envisages new constructions to have three basic facets of availability of water recharging, air cooling through natural draft and maximum use of natural light.

Till now only Hyderabad has an Indian green building council that will assist Surat to form its own GBC. “The council is being formed in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) and will have members from Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC), South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI), Climate Change Trust, Surat Builders Association, Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India and architecture council,” said SG President Kamlesh Yagnik.

“The main job of GBC will be to go to those constructing buildings and provide them with consultancy. The formation of the council will be announced by the middle of July,” he added.

“The focus of this council will be to bring about effective resource utilization by generating awareness among the people,” a member of the Climate Change Trust said.

Along with GBC, a cleaner production centre is also coming up in the city textile units located in and around the city.

Source: Times of India


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