LED Wallpaper for Greener Interior Design


LED wallpaper is set to change the way people look at walls.

While LED wallpaper is not a new innovation, a recent collection launched at the recent New York Design Week by London-based designers Meystyle has unveiled wallpaper embedded with LED lights and luxury Swarovski crystals.

Mestyle’s sister design duo Maria and Ekaterina Yaschuk use the crystals to “accentuate the impact of the LEDs as the two work in harmony to create a dramatic impact” for walls.

Wallpaper has experienced a resurgence over the past few years but began to lose its appeal as designers looked to more natural and sustainable options choosing to replace wallpaper with vertical garden walls and recycled timber or cork panels.

The “Nina” collection is a novel way to reignite the trend by injecting a green product with a rated lifespan of 50,000 hours into the materials. The designs are printed into wallpaper that is either non-woven or paper substrate, while the LED lights and crystals are completely embedded into the material and intricately hand-applied.

The newly-launched collection, dubbed Between, features mostly geometric patterns and orange, turquoise and gold hues reflective of historical Mayan culture, and the designers offer 22 different wallpaper designs that can be created upon request.

Other innovators, including Phillips and award-winning interior designer, Ingo Maurer have also created LED wallpaper.

Maurer released his version of the product last year securing the 2012 “Best of the Best” Interior Innovation Award for his product.

“The LED wallpaper offers very thrilling possibilities to illuminate rooms: Dimmed, enigmatic light hardly revealing where the shine is coming from or an urban vibrating atmosphere – to mention only a few options,” he said at the time of his product’s release.

“A big advantage also is that the LED wallpaper can be hung in more or fewer strips and lengths according to the architecture and furnishing of a room. Interior designers have the choice.”

Maurer’s product featured an embedded circuit board amongst the geometric design which allowed the LED lights to illuminate in blue, white and red with the user able to control the colours and design.

Both Maurer and Mestyle are targeting the luxury home décor market while Phillips aimed their illuminated wallpaper to a commercial audience.

Phillips collaborated with customisable acoustic panels manufacturer KVadrat Soft Cells in Denmark to create an LED panel system that can also be applied as a wall covering.

Offering an extensive range of colours, the product is aimed at luxury hotels, restaurants retail spaces and offices. The panels are  also designed to both illuminate and act as a visually pleasing aesthetic for walls. The lighting is more ambient than other LED wallpapers and can be integrated with audio systems with sound-absorbing qualities that make them ideal for boardrooms and event spaces.

“If the place is empty, there still needs to be dynamic,” said lead architect of the Phillips product, Olav de Boer.

“This is the only product that you can hang almost like a painting on the wall and completely control the contents creating the mood that you want.”

Other than offering an alternative lighting source, LED wallpaper is a way of bringing green energy to interiors while offering a bright alternative to wall art.


Source: Design Build Source

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