China: Beijing Is in The Vanguard of Promotion of Green Building

Beijing’s new buildings shall meet the primary one-star evaluation standards on green buildings starting June 1, making the city the first to take such an initiative in China, said officials of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning (BMCUP), according to Beijing Morning Post.

The one-star label is the lowest level of the Three-Star Rating System for green buildings, which assesses if buildings are eco-friendly by using indicators such as land saving and water efficiency.

The capital wants to develop itself into an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly city by implementing a plan that will promote green buildings.

The developers of new construction projects, which have been granted construction permits, shall ensure that their projects can meet the one-star criterion when submitting their designs for review.

To be labeled a one-star green building, a residential community should guarantee that there would be two or more bus stops within a distance of 500 meters.

The community should also be equipped with adequate facilities for solar power, reclaimed water and rain, in order to reduce the consumption of electricity, natural gas and water.

The initiative also aims to reduce the city’s residential buildings energy consumption by 75 percent.

Property developers should satisfy certain ecological requirements when purchasing a lot. Otherwise the purchase of the lot may be suspended. A timetable for implementing this specification has not been put in place yet.

Ecological indicators are taken into consideration during the land tender; auction and listing period with the aim to bring into play through market competition the developers’ enthusiasm in developing an ecological city, an official said.

To cultivate the developers’ enthusiasm, ecological indicators are taken into consideration during the sale of lands, said an official.

Beijing will build no less than ten ecological demonstration zones during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2011-2015), including Future Technology City in Changping, Lize Financial Business District in Fengtai, Yongding Waterfront Business District in Mentougou, Grand Canal Core Area in Tongzhou and Central Business District in Chaoyang, according to the plan.

All buildings in the ecological demonstration zones should meet the one-star criterion, and 40 percent of them, at least the two-star criterion.

The city will build at least ten green residential communities covering more than 50,000 square meters each within three years.

Green areas should cover 30 percent of the total area of a community. In 80 percent of the communities, the residents should be able to take the bus or subway within a walking distance of 300 meters or 500 meters.

After the green building campaign is implemented, the city will cut energy consumption that equals 300,000 tons of standard coals, which can meet the needs of 500,000 households for a year, experts estimate.

The step will also help save 9.15 million tons of water, which is enough to support 76,000 households for a year.


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