Vietnam’s Green Buildings Overview & Trends| VGBC | Yannick Millet

Yannick Millet explains the market overview and trends in the Vietnam’s green building industry.

There is a need of massive buildings construction in Vietnam in this decade urged by the urban development. Although the industry is currently still in infancy due to an underdeveloped regulatory environment, Yannick envisions a strong ability of Vietnamese people to mobilize the green buildings agenda and develop its growth in the future. There will also be a more desire to be projected from companies in the country to go green or at least to optimize green buildings operation.

Yannick Millet is the Executive Director of Vietnam Green Building Council which focuses on building a national exchange platform for all stakeholders to learn, promote and advocate sustainable construction in Vietnam as well as overseeing the implementation of LOTUS (Vietnam’s green buildings rating tools) through pilot certification projects and training programmes. Yannick was also a panelist in a Asia Green Buildings Breakfast Meeting hosted by Solidiance in partnership with VGBC, in Ho Chi Minh City in April 2013


More about VGBC:

VGBC (Vietnam Green Building Council) is an international non-profit organization which is established in 2007 to raise awareness and build capacity for the development of green buildings in Vietnam. VGBC’s goal is to act as a catalyst to encourage cooperation between government, academia and private sector to achieve a more sustainable built environment.


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