JTC’s Triumph in Green Mark Champion Award Sets Singapore’s Bar Higher


Green construction in Singapore is no longer solely a fad – it’s now a commonplace everyone sees as a rat race track. Earlier this month, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) conferred the Green Mark Champion Award to JTC Corporation, making it the first infrastructure developer to ever receive the award. In order to be qualified as a BCA’s Green Mark Champion, the developer or building owner is expected to deliver at least 3 Green Mark Platinum, 3 Gold Plus and 4 Gold projects. Having ten projects rated as Green Mark Gold and above – including 6 Platinum, 3 Goldplus awards and 1 Gold – JTC eventually appeared as the only organization to receive the Green Mark Champion award this year. One of JTC’s Platinum awards was given to CleanTech Park for its green district design.

CleanTech Park: JTC’s Silver Bullet

When Singapore set a target to transform 80% of its buildings into ‘green’ by 2030, plenty of organizations jumped into the bandwagon and have been trying to showcase the greenest and most sustainable performance their building can ever present. JTC wasn’t left behind – the company opened the CleanTech Park in 2010; a 50-hectare eco-business park located next to Nanyang Technological University with energy consumption and potable water usage savings ability reaching up to more than 40 per cent and 25 per cent, respectively. JTC ’s CleanTech Park boasts energy-efficient infrastructure and is aimed at positioning Singapore as a global test-bed and the preferred site for early adoption of green technology products and solutions for urbanised settings. With a “blue network” of water bodies, including streams, bioswales and ponds, as well as a compact and “walkable” district pattern for the working community, JTC’s CleanTech Park is Singapore’s first eco-business park to clinch BCA’s Platinum Green Mark for Districts Award with the highest rating.

Serving as the gateway to CleanTech Park, CleanTech One is the first multi-tenanted BCA Green Mark Platinum building in the park. The iconic CleanTech One, with its unique green features such as a sky trellis, landscaped sky gardens and a green perforated façade that provides optimal solar orientation, offers attractive new green work space for cleantech professionals such as the Nanyang Environment and Water Research Institute (NEWRI), the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), as well as top global companies such as DHI Water & Environment, Toray Industries and Yingli Solar.

Sustaining Sustainability in Singapore

As the rapid modernization and urbanization have already come upon certain regions in the world, it is predicted that developing countries (particularly India, China and Southeast Asian countries) will be contributing to half of the world’s carbon emissions by 2050. In regards to this, Singapore seems to be responding with evident keenness – according to McGraw Hill Construction report about World Green Building Trends 2013, the firms in the country are showing significantly heavier green involvement compared to others in the world. It is reported that while 28% of firms around the world are engaged in green for at least 60% of their projects, Singapore scored as much as 64% with an even higher percentage expected by 2015.

With the current pace and ubiquitous positive forecasts surrounding the industry, Singapore may really see even more rapid development and tighter competition in the green buildings sector in the future. However, the issue that manifests is not only about how other firms would follow suit, but also how to commit themselves in innovating and advancing their green agenda to bring it further ahead. Every firm in the region which applies green endeavors as for their Corporate Social Responsibility agenda will likely continue to focus on developing greener solution and achievement, but another thing that is worth observing is how they would sustain the sustainability effort.

BCA’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), John Keung remarked, “In developing Singapore as a model green city, we need to move towards this green paradigm, of green buildings, green districts, parks and other infrastructure and facilities to enable us to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability.”

In keeping with the green focus of CleanTech Park, JTC Corporation has planned for a district-level energy monitoring and automatic control system to monitor and optimise energy consumption and performance of buildings in the park. Mr Png Cheong Boon, Chief Executive Officer of JTC remarked that their achievement in attaining this year’s BCA Green Mark Champion Award is a testament to JTC’s growing commitment to environmental sustainability. “Sustainability is a key consideration in our master plans and developments, and we are continuously stepping up on our efforts to address environmental challenges in a pragmatic manner”, he asserted. With their clear triumph in the recent Green Mark Champion Award, JTC may seem to be setting a bar higher for Singapore. (AGB.com – SA)

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