Green Roofs Manufacturer Expands to China


Chinese population explosion has created massive cities with equally massive challenges of pollution control and water management. Chinese government officials look to solve these problems with low impact developments that help to naturally absorb carbon dioxide and control storm water runoff. Green roofs, also known as planted roofs, make it possible for densely built urban space to be greened, and this greening helps improve widespread environmental concerns. Recognizing the need for an advanced green roof solution in China, North American industry leading provider LiveRoof, LLC has announced the formation of LiveRoof China, Inc. to provide the technology in a locally produced, sustainable and affordable manner.

The LiveRoof® planted roof system is already licensed for distribution in many global markets, including South America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The licensing of LiveRoof China, Inc. is the latest and largest international effort to date to establish the US technology in foreign markets. In its twelfth five year plan, the People’s Republic of China has placed particular emphasis on environmental production measures such as green roofs, according to LiveRoof China, Inc. CEO Mr. Dana McIntyre. “We are excited to bring this Green Roof science and technology to Beijing. The LiveRoof system is a simple, proven and effective solution to many of the problems that plague densely populated urban settings.”

The 2012 World Green Roof Congress was hosted in Hangzhou last October and this year’s conference will again be held in China, this time in Nanjing. In inviting green roof experts from around the globe, the People’s Republic has demonstrated deep commitment to mitigating its environmental challenges. “Greening all existing roof tops in Beijing would be the equivalent of taking nearly 1,000,000 cars off the roads of Beijing. If any world entity has the ability to make this happen quickly, it is China” according to McIntyre.

Early efforts in the region have been greeted with enthusiasm and readiness. “Top real estate developers, universities and other state-owned entities in Beijing are eager adapt the system to local climate and implement a distribution network reaching all major Chinese markets,” McIntyre added. The plants chosen for use on the green roofs must be able to adapt to a rooftop environment with little soil and protection from heat, cold and wind exposure. LiveRoof, LLC business development manager, Ms. Amber Ponce, explains that the company’s experiences gained in developing a North American network with local plant experts in nearly all climate types will guide LiveRoof China, Inc in establishing a similar network. “The plants aren’t ‘one-size-fits-all,’ which is why this new venture will localize the selection and growing of the plants in each region.” She also noted that local production is more sustainable as it reduces the amount of resources required for transportation.

“Widespread green roof implementation holds promise to have a lasting, positive impact on locale for all of China’s cities,” according to Mr. John Teng, director of LiveRoof China, Inc. “Launching LiveRoof at this point in Chinese history presents a monumental opportunity for us to help shape and promote that positive impact,” adds Teng.



About LiveRoof

LiveRoof, LLC ( is the top horticultural science company in the green roof industry. Exceptional in design and function, the LiveRoof® Hybrid Green Roof System is the most refined horticultural solution. LiveRoof establishes a healthy, sustainable ecosystem that covers the rooftop with seamless vegetation. Licensed regional growers customize plant selection for every LiveRoof project. They deliver the system’s modules abundantly vegetated with locally cultivated, full-grown plants for an instant green roof and trouble-free ownership. LiveRoof’s natural function and natural beauty offer the highest level of green roof performance with ultra-low maintenance costs. The proof is on the roof — showcased in over 800 installations totaling more than three million square feet.

About LiveRoof China

LiveRoof China, Inc ( is a joint US and Chinese venture which has exclusive rights to production and distribution of the LiveRoof system in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. In addition to decades of green and construction business management experience, LiveRoof China leadership has five years involvement in global green roofing sales and installation. The multi-national corporation is building a network of regional distributors and installers to provide localized green roof solutions with the highest level of green roof performance and ultra-low maintenance costs.

LiveRoof, LLC Media Contact: Mike Haynes ▲ +1 616-935-1974 ▲ mikeh(at)

LiveRoof China, Inc Media Contact: Careyann LaRose ▲ phone +1 978 922 2015 ▲ Careyann(at)

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