Determining the Value of Green Building Investments

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McGraw-Hill Construction, part of The McGraw-Hill Companies (NYSE: MHP), reports through their publication titled “Determining the Value of Green Building Investments: A Perspective From Industry Leaders on Triple Bottom Line Decision Making” that in order for green building to continue to gain market share at a comparable rate to the past decade, more far-reaching benefits need to be documented and demonstrated to organizational leadership for them to increase their level of green investments. These include benefits across the spectrum of financial, environmental and social benefits—often referred to as the “triple bottom line.”

The study includes recommendations on actions needed in the industry in order to accelerate green investments across the built environment:

  • Evaluate social, environmental and financial goals together when making decisions on green building investments;
  • Create green building benchmarks through standardization and disclosure of operational building costs;
  • Compile data and case studies that establish the value of nonfinancial benefits of green building;
  • Create better tools using a more thorough, industry-consensus definition of lifecycle costing based on impacts across the triple bottom line;
  • Assemble a public database of green project measures across the triple bottom line.


Source: McGraw-Hill Construction



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