LED Lighting Market Opportunities in Asia | Optotronic Semiconductors | Mok Yeh Nan

Mok Yeh Nan explains the use of LED lighting as for a sustainable solution in the Asian market.

Asia offers a huge opportunity for LED lighting manufacturers as the buildings’ need for green products is increasing due to their goal in achieving maximum energy efficiency. The market is foreseen to continue growing, although there is still a lack of awareness to go green and therefore support from the government is needed through green incentives.

Mok Yeh Nan is the Vice President of R&D at the Optotronic Semiconductors.


More about Optotronic Semiconductors:

Optotronic Semiconductors is an LED assemblies and final products manufacturers based in Penang, Malaysia. The company specializes in Semiconductor based activities from Package Assemblies to Light Modules.

Website: www.optotronic.net

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