Malaysia: Energy Efficiency Masterplan finalised by mid-year

The Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA), is finalising its Energy Efficiency Masterplan and hopes to roll it out by mid-year, said its secretary general, Datuk Loo Took Gee.

“We’re reviewing the numbers to ensure the target rates are realistic to further streamline the green movement,” she told a press conference at the Eco-B Workshop, organised by the Malaysia Green Building Confederation.

She said going forward, the government had stated that rationalisation of the energy subsidies was a must, to ensure efficient use as well as being priced correctly to avoid wastage.

“Fuel subsidies are heavily dependent on the oil price.

“At its peak in 2008, it escalated to RM14.31 per million British thermal unit (mmBTU), while subsidies amounted to RM24.95 billion.

“Currently, the oil price is at a lower level of RM13.70 per mmBTU, while government subsidies amount to between RM15 billion to RM17 billion,” she added.

Loo noted that Malaysia was moving in the right direction towards a green environment, with a higher number of certified green buildings.

Green Building Index Accreditation Panel chairman, Boon Che Wee said 50 million square feet of green buildings had been certified, involving 125 projects.

“The momentum is picking up and over the past year, we received over 10 projects to be certified on a monthly basis,” he added.

The green movement in Asia is considered at its infancy.

But, the focus on sustainability and the drive for corporate social responsibility, is paving its rapid expansion.

Among the benefits of a green building are lower operating costs, arising from reduced energy and water consumption, as well as higher asset value due to higher sales and rental.

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Source: The Borneo Post

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