Singapore: skyrise greening is seeing “wonderful results”

National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said Singapore’s greening campaign is moving skywards, with “wonderful results”.

He said in a blog post on Wednesday that Singapore is among the leading cities in skyrise greening.

There are over 50 hectares of rooftop greenery in public and private buildings.

He highlighted the greening efforts in public housing estates, which he said will help realise the vision of providing Singaporeans with “housing in a garden”.

Mr Khaw said many residents have been enjoying lush, green spaces at the rooftops of their multi-storey car parks (MSCP).

Besides creating a green oasis, they provide space for community interaction and helps to cool down the surroundings, with features such as community gardens, foot reflexology paths and study corners.

The Housing and Development Board has built 108 MSCPs with rooftop greenery, adding about 20 hectares of green space.

Another 111 MSCPs with rooftop greenery are being built.

The HDB plans to add nine hectares of rooftop greenery in existing MSCPs over the next few years.

It has also come up with labour saving technology like the Prefabricated Extensive Greening roof system, which allows plants to thrive without irrigation and uses lightweight plastic trays which are easy to install.

The HDB is also exploring innovative systems, such as vertical greening systems.

These are being tried out in Sembawang.

Source: Channel News Asia

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