Vietnam: developers in HCMC told to use green materials

The HCM City People’s Committee has approved a circular on the use of unbaked bricks in local buildings, aiming to boost the production and use of “green” building materials.

Under the circular (No. 04/2013/CT-UBND) that will take effect this year and apply until 2015, buildings with nine floors or more have to use unbaked bricks for at least 30 per cent of their construction needs. After 2015, the percentage will increase to at least 50 per cent.

The municipal administration has asked the Department of Construction to disseminate details and guidelines on the use of unbaked bricks.

Increased use of unbaked bricks can reduce the area of agricultural land used to dig up clay to make conventional bricks. It also can save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Most people do not prefer to use unbaked bricks because they are priced higher than normal ones.

To improve the situation, local authorities have promised to give priority to encouraging and supporting investors involved in the production of unbaked bricks.

Circular No.09/2012/TT-BXD issued last year had also dealt with the use of unbaked materials in construction.

Under the circular, State-funded construction projects in “third-tier” cities (a classification based on population density, urbanisation level and other criteria) have to use unbaked materials in from January onwards.

Other buildings are required to use unbaked materials for 50 per cent of their construction needs. After 2015, unbaked materials will be used for all constructions.

Viet Nam consumes about 20 billion of bricks per year and is expected to need 42 billion bricks by 2020, according to the Viet Nam Association for Building Materials.

Source: Vietnam Bridge

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