Green Building Certification Programs

Summary: Green building certification programs such as LEED, BREEAM, and others provide third-party assessment of green building measures on a wide variety of building types. Although awareness of green building has risen dramatically in the past several years, particularly in North America, Western Europe, and highly developed parts of the Asia Pacific region, green building is still in its nascent stages in many markets. As developed countries and regions look to certify not only much of their new construction but their existing building stocks as well, developing countries such as China and India are quickly adapting green building certification to their markets for new construction, as well. Pike Research forecasts that green building certification programs will certify a cumulative 53 billion net square feet of floorspace by 2020.

This Pike Research report analyzes the current market and regulatory conditions related to green building certification programs and provides forecasts for the growth of this industry. The report includes an in-depth examination of green building drivers, barriers, and likely shifts in the underlying construction market. It also features profiles of major industry players including commercial real estate companies, trade associations, and green building councils as well as detailed descriptions of dozens of green building certification programs in operation around the world.

Scope: Global

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