Indonesia: Green Globe recertifies sustainability of Maya Ubud Resort and Spa

Green Globe announced re-certification of the Maya Ubud Resort & Spa in Bali, Indonesia. Since its opening in 2001, this luxury resort has been demonstrating corporate social responsibility and sustainable tourism, integrating ethical and environmentally-friendly practices into its core business operations and management.

“Our management team and all our employees are firmly committed to our sustainable management program,” said Paul Blake, General Manager at the Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, “We continuously strive to refine our level of understanding of sustainability to do our very best to preserve and enhance the beauty of our surroundings. I am very proud of our achievement with Green Globe.”

Maya Ubud’s Environmental Officer, Romy Anggara, added: “To be awarded Green Globe certification, we implemented a wide range of green practices into our daily operation, such as reusing linens, waste reduction and recycling, increasing energy efficiency, environmental education, and community outreach. Over the past two years, sufficient data has been collected to show our consistent and ongoing commitment to green initiatives, such as recycling of paper, waste water for irrigation, and building our own spice and herb garden. Our special Green Team, formed of a group of employees from different departments, monitors the progress of green measures, shaping and realizing the resort’s environmental goals.”

A long-term sustainability management system is in effect at the Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, and energy and water reduction goals are set on a yearly basis. The resort is actively involved in conserving resources; reducing pollution; and conserving biodiversity, ecosystems, and landscapes. Packaging is reduced to a minimum and local suppliers adhering to sustainable practices are given preference. Guests are invited to join local social awareness programs offered by the Maya Ubud Resort, such as the Tree Planting Program, introduced in November 2007. A small fee of US$20 offsets the cost of purchasing a tree or shrub, with the balance being donated to the Friends of National Park Foundation, a nonprofit organization to assist in their re-forestation program on the adjacent island of Nusa Penida. Maya Ubud Resort & Spa promotes and supports local Balinese culture, and is immersed in a number of activities and foundations that give back to the community and environment.

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, said: “We are extremely pleased to award re-certification to the Maya Ubud Resort & Spa in Bali. This property aims to create and maintain the sector benchmark for environmentally-responsible style and personal luxury, combined with service that exceeds guest expectations. The Maya Ubud Resort & Spa is the first hotel in Bali to achieve the highest ranking in the Green Globe program!”

Source: Global Travel Industry News

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