Philippines: Globe Telecom to convert facilities into green infrastructure

Globe Telecom Inc. said it will transform its facilities across the Philippines into “green” infrastructure as it pushes nationwide modernization.

“We envision the new facility layer of the Globe network as less demanding on power and fuel by introducing cost-effective, environment-friendly and practically designed measures to maximize operational benefits of new technologies,” Globe chief technical advisor Robert Tan said last week.

Globe will review sites without permanent power grids for solar power potential and assess the type of terrain to minimize cost in hauling equipment.

Essential equipment such as base transceiver stations, or BTS, which enable wireless communications between the network and subscribers, will be converted into outdoor setups with enough space to lessen power costs.

“Metropolitan areas or commercial business districts will achieve power protection through agreement with building owners by allowing Globe to tap into the building’s emergency power systems. This type of arrangement saves huge capital expenditures in constructing generator set facilities,” Tan said.

“Meanwhile, those located in areas where commercial power is unreliable will be provided with deep-cycle batteries coupled with efficient gensets to provide rapid battery charging rates and address regular commercial power outages,” Tan said.

Globe is also deploying solar power solutions for “off-grid” sites, where commercial supply is not available to reduce carbon footprint. With solar and genset hybrid solutions, the run time of generators are dramatically reduced by 80 percent, resulting in about 70 percent in savings.

Deep cycle battery for “bad grid sites” will drive down fuel consumption by 50 percent and maintenance costs by 40 percent.


Source: Manila Standard Today

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