China: company innovates to build a greener Asia

Speaking with Rosana Wong, one can find oneself caught up in her passion for the growth and development of Yau Lee Holdings, the construction company founded by her father in Hong Kong more than 50 years ago.

Since that time, what was once a small operation has grown into one of Asia’s most innovative companies.

Founded by Wong Ip Kuen in 1958, Yau Lee now has more than 60 subsidiaries engaged in manufacturing, design, management, and construction in almost every facet of the global construction industry.

Wong, executive director of the group, oversees operations in Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore, and together with her brother Conrad Wong manages overall strategic planning. Their father continues to be involved in every aspect of the organization.

Under Wong’s direction, Yau Lee is quickly becoming one of Singapore’s most sought-after construction companies. It entered the local market in late 2007 and was soon contracted by Marina Bay Sands as its first project in 2008. The iconic building, decorated with a futuristic ship’s bow, quickly became a Singapore landmark and a must-see for visitors.

In less than five years, Yau Lee’s Singapore subsidiary has grown to include more than 300 employees. Recent ventures here include such luxury real estate projects as the Hamilton Scotts Condominiums, the world’s tallest en-suite elevated car porch residence.

On the other end of the spectrum, Yau Lee has also been contracted by the government to construct various housing development projects around the island.

Company innovates to build a greener Asia

In China, Yau Lee has five locations and more than 1,600 employees. One of its group companies will soon complete a huge factory in Huizhou. This state-of-the-art facility specializes in the design and supply of precast concrete products, steel molds and metal products.

There is a synergy among Yau Lee’s group companies that allows them to fully realize the potential of each project. One example of integration is the VHSmart design software created by Yau Lee subsidiary VHSoft and integrated with other software to create not only 3D models but also “5D” concepts. These include cost and time of a project and management software to efficiently turn building plans into reality.

The software reduces costs, time and errors so significantly that Yau Lee’s own competitors often use VHSoft themselves.

Yau Lee’s design and construction of some of the world’s greenest buildings has garnered the company worldwide recognition. Its environmentally friendly strategy runs through every aspect of its projects, from building materials to energy consumption and architectural design.

Last year, the company received the FuturArc Green Leadership Award granted by the main proponent of green architecture in Asia. Yau Lee’s newest project has also received the world’s first double platinum merits for a commercial high-rise building, the Holiday Inn Express in Hong Kong Soho, which is set to open this November.

Wong’s unbridled energy has been funneled into the constant innovation that characterizes Yau Lee. “Technology is my passion,” she says. “I am constantly traveling the world to find the most inventive know-how and materials to incorporate into my business.”


Source: China Daily

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